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Prickly and Prudent Nopal

Many times have the cactus plant been painted as something that is only helpful when you get stuck in a desert and finding one can offer you a brief moment relief by drinking the water that is stored in it. While there is truth to this, a cactus–especially the Nopal cactus, have been helping mankind in more ways than we have never thought.


These days, Nopal cactus’ more famous form is when its edible pads are dried and ground into powder. It is considered by many health advocates as one of the healthiest food supplements in the market these days. But before basking in the glory of being a world-known superfood, Nopales as locals of Mexico call it, has been a common food ingredient for local cuisine in this part of Central America.


For Americans, Nopales  is called prickly pear or paddle cactus. In botany, this vegetable variety is known as Opuntia ficus indica.


The origins of the Nopal cactus date back from the 14th century in the volcanic regions of Mesoamerica that is now called Mexico. Since Mexico is known as The Land of Enchantment, the roots of this plant grow deep through legends. As the story goes, the sun god, Huitzilopachtli appeared before an Aztec chieftain and instructed him how he can find their new homeland. He was supposed to look for an island in the middle of a lake–and on that island, there he must find and eagle perched on a cactus that is growing from a rock, on its beak is a snake being eaten. The chieftain eventually found this place and built a great city to honor the sun god. But little did he know that the cactus the eagle was resting on was actually the torn heart of the sun god’s nephew, Copil. Copil is the son of Malinalxochitl, the moon, and Chimalcuahtli. Copil was fighting for his mother but was easily defeated by his uncle and ultimately received a punishment. It is believed, up to this very day, by the locals, that it was the Nopal cactus that grew from the heart of Copil.


Noting that story aside, the Nopal cactus is truly a gift from both heaven and earth. It has a nutritional value of 20% manganese, 13% vitamin c, 11% magnesium and 14% calcium. These minerals help in metabolizing fat and carbohydrates, regulate blood sugar levels, they produce energy for our body functions, and strengthen our bones and teeth. For the last 20 years, Nopal Cactus has been spearheading cardiovascular care because of its significant counts of fiber. According to health experts, incorporating Nopal to your diet is the healthiest move you can ever make.

Unlocking the best-kept secrets of Raw Nopal Powder

Raw Nopal Powder

Our Azteca Raw Nopal Powder

We have come to live in an age where health truly is wealth. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean living an outdoorsy-active life. A healthy life is a combination of little positive habits, a good night’s sleep, a proper diet which in turn leads to a great body, skin that is flawless and perfect mental focus regardless of your age. This is where our humble Nopal Cactus plant comes into view.

Welcome to our Nopal Cactus Powder from Natural Products Azteca, or more commonly known to us as prickly pear cactus.

Nopales (as it is commonly named in Mexico and Central America), is technically a vegetable made from the soft pads of the underdeveloped fruit of the cactus plant. The Nopal Cactus alone can help to increase stamina, boost endurance and is beneficial to mental alertness. Nopal is usually green or purple in color and mostly is the size of an average person’s hand with a smooth consistency of flavor between green beans and green peppers.

Backed by a 50,000-year agricultural technology, dating back to the ancient people of the Aztecs, the Nopal cactus helped this ancient civilization thrive for an entire historical era. On that note, saying that this super plant can work wonders is an understatement of massive proportions. Today, some farmer’s cooperatives use the same field cultivated by the great fallen empire of The Aztecs, where Nopal cacti is naturally grown by those farmers dedicated to bring to the world this amazing and virtuous plant that could be introduced into our daily diets in different forms. If used in a powder form, you can add to your smoothies, dilute it in water or mix it with your favorite fruit or veggie juice. If you are lucky enough to get this plant in its natural form you can prepare it in salads or stir fry. You will not regret using Nopal in your diet as it will add goodness to your food and enhance your general well-being.

We can assert that Nopal is the next level of natural health supplement that brings a wonderful combination of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and 10 essential amino acids. This is the Azteca Nopal Cactus Powder that is on offer for you.

How food additives increase the chances to develop illness ?

If you we compare Life then and now, I would say there is a very significant difference. Life before can be described in one word: Natural while living life today means living in a Non-natural environment. Breakthroughs in science, especially food studies have introduced us to an easier and faster way to do things that in the past normally required an investment of time, but we must accept this modern notion of living in today’s world to put up with all the demands of this modern life.

However, in our attempt to make our lives adapt to the changing times, we unknowingly sacrifice our health. Everything happens so fast and it makes our life easier BUT with a big toll to pay.
Sadly, along with the amazing breakthroughs in those different sectors, more diseases are showing up, obesity is more common than in the past not just for adults but also for kids, and the quality of life is also affected in a significant way.

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The Benefits You Can Reap by Consuming Maca

Most of the times, our health is the reflection of what we consume as a part of our daily diet, which is why it is important to incorporate healthy and nutrition rich foods in our meals. One such food, or rather, superfood, that can bring a huge positive impact on your overall health, is Maca. Discussed below are some of the primary benefits of this healthy food:

Improves Sexual Function

Maca works like an aphrodisiac and has been used for ages for its libido enhancing and endurance boosting qualities. It improves fertility and sexual function in men and women. It is believed that Maca helps to enhance sperm count in adult men. It is a natural alternative to sexual dysfunction and fertility treatments and has no known side effects.

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Opuntia Ficus Indica – A Sweet Addition to Your Diet

A valuable cactus crop with multiple benefits, Opuntia Ficus Indica is vital to the agricultural economies of arid and semiarid areas. The sweet fruits known as tunas, taste like watermelon are the reasons that this plant is avidly grown in many parts of the world including Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Northern Africa, Algeria, and Sicily.

The plant dates back to pre-Columbian times and has been valued for its medicinal properties. Also known as the spineless cactus, Barbary fig, and prickly pear, the fruit of the plant is rich in vitamin C. It also has a generous amount of antioxidant flavonoids that promote good health. Besides, the fruit is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fibers as well and is a popular ingredient in jams and jellies.

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Nopal Cactus – A Complete Remedial Package

Are you searching for a remedy for your hangover from last night, striving to achieve your weight loss goals, trying to control cholesterol or want a cure for Type 2 Diabetes? This miraculous medicinal plant, Nopal Cactus, well known as prickly pear, is a remedial solution for many health problems.

Well known and valued for its numerous health benefits since the last 12,000 years, the plant has been a regular part of the diet of ancient civilizations. Native Aztecs, Americans, Zacatecans, Chichimecs, Coras, and Tepehuanes have used the plant as food, building material, firewood, for making glue and more.

The fruit of the plant, also known as tuna, is used to cure infections of the respiratory tract when boiled and consumed with honey. The fruit is also consumed to cure conditions like a sore throat, diarrhea, and arteriosclerosis. The pads of Nopal Cactus are used as heating pads to heal swelling, muscle aches and pains and for dressing cuts and wounds. The sap or gel of the pads is a great remedy for burns, cuts, and bruises when applied on the affected area.

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Matcha Tea – Your Path to Better Health

As a famous tradition to be followed in every tea ceremony of the Japanese culture, Matcha Tea has gained momentum as a beneficial natural product in the health industry. Essentially, Matcha Tea is green tea leaves that have been crushed to a powder form. In contrast to green tea that filters out the leaves that carry the actual benefits, Matcha Tea allows us to consume the entire leaf along with the tea.
Below are some amazing health benefits that Matcha Tea offers:

A Powerhouse of Antioxidants

With every sip of Matcha Tea, you enjoy a greater amount of antioxidants than regular green tea. In comparison to other superfoods, Matcha Tea is packed with antioxidants and provides the necessary nutrients to the body to help fight off the harmful effects of UV radiation and also helps prevent several life-threatening diseases.
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Organic Cacao Powder

How to Make Raw Cacao a Part of Your Diet

Preventing diabetes and striving for weight loss are two things that seem next to impossible when you are surrounded by delicious and irresistible processed foods. They can frustrate you to no end, especially when you have an active sweet tooth. The cravings are hard to suppress and usually people find themselves blindly eating all the sweet treats in their refrigerator.

To avoid such incidents and to prevent your health from further damage due to diabetes or obesity, the best way is to give the body exactly what it needs, CHOCOLATE. Yes! You read it right, you can have chocolate. Cacao or raw chocolate is the purest form of chocolate that is processed to a minimum to maintain the nutrients. It is rich in antioxidant flavonoids and various minerals and vitamins. By regulating blood sugar levels and lowering insulin resistance, cacao can prevent type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol, promote good heart health and encourage weight loss.

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organic cacao

Cacao – The Healthy Form of Chocolate

Children have always been told that consuming too much chocolate is unhealthy and can destroy their teeth. This is because the chocolate usually available in the market is highly processed and rich in sugars.

Cacao is the darkest and purest form of chocolate that one can consume. As opposed to cocoa, cacao undergoes minimum processes and still maintains the necessary enzymes and nutrients. Cacao is the best source of antioxidants and contains magnesium and iron in a generous amount as well. Additionally, it also contains potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and calcium.

During the Aztec civilization, cacao beverages were considered a drink for the elite. Even today, it is considered a high trade commodity and is used for health purposes across many cultures.

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Maca – A Superfood You Didn’t Know About

If this is the first time you have come across the name “Maca”, you are certainly not alone. This superfood has been around for centuries, and yet, its status of being an amazing natural health food is only recently being recognized, rapidly so though. Its Origins The herbaceous plant is linked to the radish family. It has been cultivated as a vegetable crop in the Andean Mountains of Peru and Bolivia since centuries and is well known as “Peruvian Ginseng”. Maca is one of the few plants that are able to grow and thrive at high altitudes.

The Root – A Powerhouse of Essential Nutrients The Maca root is well known and valued for the many health benefits that it provides. It has a high mineral content that includes substantial amounts of potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc and magnesium.
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