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Prickly and Prudent Nopal

Many times have the cactus plant been painted as something that is only helpful when you get stuck in a desert and finding one can offer you a brief moment relief by drinking the water that is stored in it. While there is truth to this, a cactus–especially the Nopal cactus, have been helping mankind […]

Unlocking the best-kept secrets of Raw Nopal Powder

Our Azteca Raw Nopal Powder We have come to live in an age where health truly is wealth. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean living an outdoorsy-active life. A healthy life is a combination of little positive habits, a good night’s sleep, a proper diet which in turn leads to a great body, skin that […]

The Benefits You Can Reap by Consuming Maca

Most of the times, our health is the reflection of what we consume as a part of our daily diet, which is why it is important to incorporate healthy and nutrition rich foods in our meals. One such food, or rather, superfood, that can bring a huge positive impact on your overall health, is Maca. […]

Opuntia Ficus Indica – A Sweet Addition to Your Diet

A valuable cactus crop with multiple benefits, Opuntia Ficus Indica is vital to the agricultural economies of arid and semiarid areas. The sweet fruits known as tunas, taste like watermelon are the reasons that this plant is avidly grown in many parts of the world including Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Northern Africa, Algeria, and Sicily. The […]

Nopal Cactus – A Complete Remedial Package

Are you searching for a remedy for your hangover from last night, striving to achieve your weight loss goals, trying to control cholesterol or want a cure for Type 2 Diabetes? This miraculous medicinal plant, Nopal Cactus, well known as prickly pear, is a remedial solution for many health problems. Well known and valued for […]

Matcha Tea – Your Path to Better Health

As a famous tradition to be followed in every tea ceremony of the Japanese culture, Matcha Tea has gained momentum as a beneficial natural product in the health industry. Essentially, Matcha Tea is green tea leaves that have been crushed to a powder form. In contrast to green tea that filters out the leaves that […]

How to Make Raw Cacao a Part of Your Diet

Preventing diabetes and striving for weight loss are two things that seem next to impossible when you are surrounded by delicious and irresistible processed foods. They can frustrate you to no end, especially when you have an active sweet tooth. The cravings are hard to suppress and usually people find themselves blindly eating all the […]

Cacao – The Healthy Form of Chocolate

Children have always been told that consuming too much chocolate is unhealthy and can destroy their teeth. This is because the chocolate usually available in the market is highly processed and rich in sugars. Cacao is the darkest and purest form of chocolate that one can consume. As opposed to cocoa, cacao undergoes minimum processes […]

Maca – A Superfood You Didn’t Know About

If this is the first time you have come across the name “Maca”, you are certainly not alone. This superfood has been around for centuries, and yet, its status of being an amazing natural health food is only recently being recognized, rapidly so though. Its Origins The herbaceous plant is linked to the radish family. […]